Contract research services launch

October 19, 2018

Prodrome Sciences launches metabolomics services for contract research projects

Prodrome Sciences is pleased to announce our customizable, non-targeted, comprehensive metabolomic platform is now available for contract research services. The technology is well-suited for discovery research projects in pharma, biotech, food, veterinary medicine, cosmetics, and environmental industries. Visit our Metabolomics Services website page to learn more about starting a project with us.

About Prodrome Sciences Inc.

Prodrome Sciences researches prodromes of diseases – how to detect them, what causes them, and how to return high-risk prodrome states back to a healthy state before the disease develops. We use our advanced diagnostic technology for blood tests to detect disease prodromes and in our natural therapeutic programs to restore an unhealthy, high-risk prodrome state to a healthy, low-risk state. Our goal is to reduce the number of people that develop and die from disease and to promote optimal health.

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